Houze Benefits

"Because we are not tied to any one carrier or insurance company we are able to offer and recommend unbiased benefit products and services."  -Stacey Weldon

Fully Independent

Since we’re not affiliated with any single insurance company, you get the best possible price

Houze & Associates is a fully independent broker, maintaining longstanding relationships with dozens of diverse carriers. This independence enables us to provide the best mix of products at the absolute lowest cost for our clients and their employees. Guaranteed.

We work together with our clients to evaluate current benefits and then determine the products that best fit the needs of both employer and employees.  In the process, a unique and specific total benefit plan is created.

As an independent broker of employee benefits, Houze & Associates leverages long-standing relationships with dozens of carriers to obtain competitive quotes for our clients.  We are currently working with over 35 top rated carriers in the United States.  Our solid & trusted relationships allow Houze & Associates to negotiate the most advantageous, cost effective benefit products available in the marketplace and continue to offer the best benefits at the lowest rates.

Every product we present to our clients has been bid out to the best providers in the industry using our comprehensive RFP process. This process has yielded an impressive persistency rate (over 90% for our top-10 clients) for Houze & Associates and the products offered.

Translation: We're not selling your employees coverage they don't need and ultimately won't keep them happy. In the end, you and your employees get the best product mix, price, and above all else, savings.

Carriers will send Houze & Associates quotes on the products requested in a client’s benefit plan, ensuring the lowest possible price for each unique plan.  Every quote is compared & reviewed by Houze & Associates and explained in detail to our clients before any recommendation is made.

Let us show you how you can cut your benefits costs by completing a comparison of current benefits versus bid benefits plan.

Whether all or a portion of your benefits are in need of evaluation, Houze & Associates will work with you to provide comparisons. We can work with specific benefits that have been put out for quote, as well as give evaluation of these benefits against other employers in your area.

Our comparisons, and in-depth analysis, include the key factors that will be required to make the best decision. Houze & Associates will prepare a statement that shows a benefit-to-benefit comparison that will encompass important topics like network, premium, wait time, etc.

Our goal is to provide the best comparison from participating carriers so a sound decision can be made.